Phu My Hung Security has strengthened its security assistance for banks

Lately, in addition to its primary responsibility of maintaining security and order in the city center, the Phu My Hung Security Team, equipped with professional expertise and modern tools, has taken proactive measures to support local businesses. This includes organizing training seminars on various topics such as fire protection and prevention of riverside break-ins. Given the recent surge in bank robberies across several provinces and cities, the Phu My Hung Security Team swiftly initiated a campaign titled “Preventing Bank Robberies” in the city center.

According to reports from the media, there have been several bank robbery incidents in the last months of 2023. On October 24, a robbery occurred at Bank S. on Nguyen Van Bua Street, Hoc Mon County, HCMC. Two individuals used firearms to control a female bank employee and made off with VND 3.8 billion. In this case, the police successfully apprehended three suspects. On November 14, there was an attempted robbery at Bank A. in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province, where the perpetrator, the deputy director of a local wood processing company, attempted to use a knife to control a female bank employee but was unsuccessful. Another incident took place on November 22 at Bank B. on Ngu Hanh Son Street, Da Nang City, resulting in the arrest of two suspects.

The perpetrators involved in bank robberies are displaying an escalating level of aggression and recklessness, often wielding dangerous weapons like knives and guns. Notably, recent incidents have revealed a diverse profile of robbers, including individuals holding positions such as deputy directors and directors who are burdened with financial debts.

As the financial and economic hub of the southern region of the city, Phu My Hung accommodates approximately 48 headquarters, branches, and transaction offices of active banks. In response to this growing threat, the Phu My Hung Security Team promptly initiated a program titled “Preventing Bank Robberies,” incorporating a range of practical activities.

Within this initiative, the Phu My Hung Security Team conducted an analysis highlighting the identifying characteristics and behaviors of bank robbers. Specifically, the subjects tend to conceal their identity by wearing tight clothing such as masks, black hats, or helmets. The robberies commonly occur during specific time frames, particularly between 10:00 and 11:30 or 15:00 and 16:30, coinciding with periods when banks have fewer customers, and money transfers are being prepared. Additionally, the subjects frequently target banks situated in desolate locations or at traffic gateways to carry out their criminal activities.

Based on the analysis, the Phu My Hung Security Team has mobilized its forces to disseminate information and urge banks in the city center to heighten their vigilance, particularly those situated at pivotal entry points. The Security Team recommends that banks implement precautionary measures such as deploying well-trained and physically fit security personnel with experience in managing challenging situations. Additionally, installing internal emergency alarm systems linked to the nearest police agency is advised. To facilitate timely communication during incidents, the Phu My Hung Security Team has publicized the hotline number (028) 54 113 113 to all banks in the city center.

In an effort to enhance preparedness, the Phu My Hung Security Team encourages banks to conduct drills for handling robbery situations. On December 2, 2023, VIB Bank (Phu My Hung Tower Branch) conducted a robbery prevention drill with over 30 participants.

Practice session for “Bank Robbery Prevention” at the VIB Bank transaction office.

To provide immediate support to banks, the Phu My Hung Security Team Supervision Center has intensified its monitoring of transaction offices and bank branches through a 24/7 security camera system. Concurrently, additional forces are deployed for regular patrols, focusing on stopping and parking at banks in secluded locations and entry gateways.

The “Preventing Bank Robberies” initiative exemplifies the proactive and swift response of Phu My Hung Security Force to societal developments, ensuring a prompt reaction to emerging situations. Furthermore, the extensive network of thousands of cameras, akin to a multitude of vigilant eyes, covering the city center in recent times, has proven instrumental in detecting, managing, and preventing incidents, effectively contributing to maintaining peace and safety in the urban environment.

News: Thanh Toan

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